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Auto-Pneumatic Clicker Press is ideal in cutting specimens of leather, fabric, rubber, and other materials.

M. Starks

The QT-APC-5000 is a low-cost and high-quality Pneumatic clicker press only requires air with min. 73 psi (5 bar) pressure to operate and is widely used in the rubber and plastics industry for accurately cutting rubber, plastics, and leather specimens. The Auto-Pneumatic clicker press is available in 3 or 5-ton capacities suitable to cut rubber samples with thickness up to 10 or 15mm respectively. This compact, cost-effective and high-quality sample cutting press can be used for any testing laboratory.

Auto-Pneumatic Clicker Press is ideal for one of our customers in mobility solution, this will helps them to cut specimens of leather, fabric, rubber, and other materials for various quality control tests.