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METALTEST Wireless Hardness Tester with perfect and effective measurements

M. Starks

METALTEST is a wireless hardness tester with commands and LCD incorporated on the top. It is very handy and easy to use: just place the hardness tester on the surface to be examined and press the handgrip right down; release the pressure and the piece hardness immediately appears on the display.

METALTEST portable hardness tester is designed for hardness tests on particularly bulky items, materials in warehouse and pieces which cannot be tested on a bench hardness tester. The tester does follow ASTM E110.

Easy to use in every position even inverted position, no cables, excellent accuracy and reproducible results from a measure of penetration depth under constant force.

It is based on the Weight reduction method (wet cup method). Seal the cup with a test sample, keep humidity difference between inside and outside of the cup, and water vapor will penetrate the test sample; monitor the change of cup weight to calculate the transmission rate.

Our customer who produces Valves and Actuators will use the hardness tester to quality check the hardness of the parts before moving forward with the final product.